Hurricane Harvey

Hello everyone, Texas recently experienced historic rains and flooding from hurricane Harvey. This is what John wrote us about it recently. The eye of the hurricane landed not far from where John is located:

I wanted to tell you about something I experienced recently, there is a major hurricane that came into the Texas coast. It was named Harvey. It came into the Texas coast as a category 4, not far from where this prison is at. I had seen on the news of its development and we saw that its projected path was close to Beeville. When we would walk to chowhall, we could see the trustees bagging up sand, making sand bags, I knew then that they were expecting a lot of water. They moved all the psioners from the oudside dorms to inside of the gyms. Then the rain started, it said on the news that it would make landfall at about 6pm Friday. On Friday about noon they racked up the prison and locked it down. It was already raining at this point. So I got my little radio and locked in a NPR news station and listened to the newspeople detail out warnings and shelters and the path it was going to take. They were predicting major winds, rain, and flooding. I told my cellie, since the cell that I am in is on one row of the unit, if it flooded inside, the cells on one row would be the first ones to fill up. I told him that it was a good thing that I was on the top bunk, the highest point of the cell. Told him that he would just have to tread water until the laws got here and opened the door. Which he said he would just make some floaties for his arms with some empty water bottles! Ha! So, these cells have two slither of windows across the back of the cell that the bunks are connected to. They are about 4 foot long and about a foot high, and the window rolls open, like a mobil home bathroom window. The top window does not move, the bottem window opens out until it is about half way open at a upside down V opening. So, I open my window wide open and lay on my bunk on my side, looking out the window and listening to the newsreports on my radio. By 8PM, two hours after they said it made landfall, the power was out, all electricity was gone, so now in the pitch black I lay on my side looking out the window watching the rain falling and blowing around like crazy, I could see at different points boxes flying in the air and pieces of the aluminium vents off the top of the building flying through the air, the wind was blowing so hard that when a gust would slam up against the side of the wall where my window is at, it would literally push me back a bit, laying on my side on the bunk it would push me back. I was getting sprayed with buckets of cold rainwater. I had my face right up against the window, knowing nothing could get through all this steel and conrete, and the water from the rian was just dripping of my face, my bunk was soaking wet, the wind was a little cool too, so I pulled my sheet up over me. At one point my cellie asked me if I would shut my window because the cell was flooding out. I told him to just chill, that it would be alright, I would clean it all up the next morning. So I lay in my bunk like that, soaked, wet sheet, wet bunk, as wave after wave of cold rain splashed into the window in my face, water dripping off my face, and loving every minute of it! At times I would close my eyes and just imagine the last time I was at the beach, riding a wave runner, jumping the waves, and how the ocean surf would spalsh the water up over you and soak you, coming down after jumping a wave and when landing the splash and water spraying over your face. Leaving this place mentally for a while. Untill I fell asleep sometime during the night. I woke up several times during the night from the wind, rain, loud banging of something flying by and eventually I closed the window. The next morning when I woke up, I opened the window and looked out and it looked like a lake outside. I got of my bunk and there was about 2 inches of water inside my cell on the floor. I walked over to the cell door and looked out and there was not any water in the dayroom. It was then that I realised that my cellie was right, there was A LOT of water coming in the window! Smile! So for a couple days there was no electricity, it rained and rained, and on the end of the second day, the water went off. So now no electricity or water. Luckily that did not last long, as by that Sunday night, the water was back on and the electricity was on. It was a long couple days to say the least! That next Tuesday they let us back out of the cells to shower and turned on the TV's, this is when I saw all the damages and flooding that happened, Houston, Texas was under water almost totally! The flooding was so bad, it announced that it is the worst flooding in USA history! Even the President and his wife flew down to survey the damages on this area, around Corpus Christi, and the Vice president flew to Houston to survey the damages. It was surely an experience to remember. And luckily it was not too bad around here, i am sure all the sandbags and such prevented it from being so. But, that was my Harvey experience.


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