Note from October 2015

“Hello there! How are things with you out there in that free world?? I am speaking to whoever is reading this. I hope that things are good for you.
Being that this is a newly designed website, I was asked to maybe write something monthly for it. So, I write a little something about what has been going on with me inside of this prison world lately? A lot of changes to say the least. But before I do this, I want to first say THANK YOU to those that have and are standing by my side in support in this struggle/cause. Know that I do truly appreciate you!
If anyone would like to contact me directly, just go online and send me an e-mail, all right from your computer, without even having to leave the house. Go to the website and follow the directions on how to send me an e-mail from it, which I will receive in 24 to 48 hours time. Please type on you Jpay a return address if you want me to respond. All mail is monitored, please keep that in mind, thanks!
Anyhow, as for me in here lately. I was at a prison called Telford Unit, way up in the North-East corner of Texas, by Texarkana for the last year. I was transferred from this unit on August 17th. It does seem that they transferred me around a lot, but I do not mind, it does not bother me, keeps me on my toes and also allows me to enjoy the free world from the windows of the prison bus. And let me tell you, it sure is GOOD to see that free world, good for the soul! I went on a two week journey across Texas, I hit 7 different units in 11 days time. They kept me on the road for two weeks.
I left Telford Unit on the chain on August 17th. They transported me to the Beto Unit. I spent the night there, then went from the Beto Unit to the Walls unit in Huntsville, Texas. Thought I was heading south, closer to home. But to my surprise, the next day I went from the Walls Unit to the Robertson unit in Abilene, Texas. And then the next day went from Robertson Unit to Clements Unit in Amarillo, WAY out west. I was placed in G5 high security building, since I was the status of G5. That week on the road was an experience to say the least. Besides the prison bus, the chains, and the whining prisoners on the bus, it was pretty nice. Amarillo, that is the farthest I have ever been out west in my life. Going through the central plains of Texas, it sure is some beautiful country out there. And just to see the small simplest things really made my soul smile. Just as simple as seeing the people in the cars on the highway, going through the towns, and seeing the people doing everyday things, at the stores, gas stations, pumping gas, walking on the side walk, seeing the fresh fruit stands on the side of the roads, seeing some HUGE white windmills on the open plains out west, something I have never seen before in my life. It was really an indescribable feeling If one has not been in the same situation before, then it would be hard to understand. Being locked in a box for a long while, and then put out on the open road, everything is fresh, everything is new. I just wish I could have stopped in some of them places, got some of them fresh peaches in them peach stands on the side of the road. There are all kinds of different people in the world, in Texas. Going through some towns, I would hail out the window, just a simple ‘Hey what’s up over there!’, just to be acknowledged by the real world, the free world. Some people would wave, some throw up a peace sign, and then others would shoot the finger, a common gesture to say F.U. Such classy people. But hey, any acknowledgement was good, even the middle finger. I bet most of the other prisoners on the bus thought I was crazy, glued to the window the whole time on the road, hailing out at people, laughing at the responses some would give. At first I only noticed the people and cars, the stores, towns, until the second leg or the trip, on Monday August 24th, they came to my cell door at Clements Unit, telling me I was on the chain again. So I went from Clements back down to Robertson over night, then from Robertson to the Walls Unit, and then from the Walls Unit to Ellis One Unit, where I am assigned. On the trip down, I kept noticing all these different animals. Birds, like hawks and buzzards, I saw some fox cubs chasing each other on the side of the wood. I saw a few different sets of deer, does and their baby. It was really good and a indescribable feeling to see all this, like I was seeing it for the first time in my life, as I said before, like everything was new. It awakened inside of me a renewed spirit to keep fighting and pushing forward! To NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER LOSE HOPE!! I know and BELIEVE that good and positive things are coming.
I am now closer to where my family lives, the closest I have been in a LONG time. Also, since coming to this unit I have been upgraded in custody status, from G5 close custody to G4 medium custody. Which means a bit more freedom, able to move around, go outside, have access to the pay phones, the weights, outside rec., law library, chow hall. I get to walk everywhere now without handcuffs and an escort. These cells at this unit are a lot smaller than the ones at the newer units, as this is an old unit, but weighing the pros and cons, they level out.
Time to chill and get my minimum back up and focus more on what really matters, FREEDOM!
Anyway, this is just a few lines, just a little something to tell what I have been experiencing lately. It has been a long times since I have written any articles or posts. I might just start doing this about once a month or so, time will tell.
Take care of yourself out there, and if you’re reading this, know that I would like to hear from you and know what you think about the new website and just in general. Besides, we are all entitled to an opinion right, just like what, we all have one. Smile! Sending love and respect, peace....
In this struggle, John Dewberry. “

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