Legal update - November 28th, 2019.


Greetings and respects to everyone that read this.

I write this legal update to inform about the latest status in this legal battle for freedom for an innocent man.  On November 8th, 2019, a motion was filed in the federal district court requesting a ruling from the federal court on my petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. This federal appeal was originally filed on June 2005. In June 2012, the federal appeal was abated when the current federal appeal attorney was obtained onto the appeal to oversee it, it was returned to the court active docket  (February 2013), it has been long sitting waiting for a ruling from the federal judge : it has been 14 years now, this federal appeal has been pending a ruling from the federal court. Hopefully this motion requesting a ruling from the federal judge will prompt a ruling.  It is expected that a new trial will be granted, it is the only reason it would have sat for so long.

Therefore this is the time that preparation for a new trial must be made to be ready for when this time comes.  

What will be needed ?

What will be needed is for a law firm, legal team to be hired onto the case at this point to prepare to fight the final battle for freedom at a new trial, to defend me at a new trial! This has been a long time coming. In January 2020, it will make twenty-five flat calendar years that I have been trapped in this nightmare, so please hear my request now, I need your help l!

All that read this message and anyone that you can talk to as well, please contact the coordinator of this cause at  with any ideas, contacts or donations to the justice fund (click here for more information) so that things can get on the fast track to be ready. I am reaching out, calling out to all that read this, please respond, please help me now cause the final battle is coming and is near, please help me prepare! Become part of my support team.

I close here and hope to hear from you soon!

John Dewberry