Happy Birthday to John!! Today John celebrates his 41st birthday! We hope you let him know you are thinking of him, sent him a nice card or gift, as he can really use your support and kind wished on a special day as today. Hopefully next year he can spend it where he belongs, with his family and friends.

Happy New Year to all! May 2018 be the year John has been dreaming of for so long, the year of his freedom! Please keep supporting John on his road to freedom, it means the world to him.


Wishing all supporters joy, peace, and all the best this holiday season has to offer. We hope you can spend it with your family and loved ones and enoy the good moments, the celebrations with everyone close to you, and the blessings that you received. Merry Christmas to all!



A new picture of John at McConnell Unit in Beeville has been added to the picture gallery.


We are still trying to collect the funds necessary to hire the best defence team possible for John. Unfortunately justice does not come cheap. An excellent Texan criminal lawyer, asks 50 000 dollars for the new trial. A reasonnable sum of money if we look at his experience and of the complexity of the case. This is where we need YOUR help too. Please visit the online link below (also in the Help John section of the website) for donations big or small. Time is running out to collect funds because when the appeal ruling comes in we have to be ready. So every dollar or euro is greately appreciated and gives John a chance to have his life back. Thank you!!



Hello everyone, Texas recently experienced historic rains and flooding from hurricane Harvey. The eye of the hurricane landed not far from where John is located in Beeville. John wrote us about his experience and we want to share it with you. You can read it in the notes section of the website.


A little more information on how McConnell Unit sustained hurricane Harvey last week. 4500 inmates have been evacuated and brought to other units due to the hurricane in Texas. John's unit was close to being evacuated as the hurricane was heading straight towards them. Thankfully the worst case scenario did not happen. They have been racked up and brought to the gym only but have been released to their original housing areas again.



Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of destruction and devastation in Beeville and all around Texas. Luckily John's unit made it through and is running as normal. Thank you all for your prayers to keep John safe.



Dear friends and supporters of John, we are very happy to share with you the latest issue of the journal "Capital Letter" by Lutte por la Justice. Page 6 features John's case. Please use the link to the picture gallery to view page 6 about John's case.

We also want to share with you all that the current state of John's finances is very anxious, we have just over 3000 € for the time being. unfortunately justice does not come cheap. No longer being sentenced to death, John cannot benefit from an ex-public defender. This means that if he is unable to pay his lawyer, his last hope of seeing his innocence finally recognized and justice, will be lost.


June 2017
John is now on G2 custody which means he has a bit more freedom and privileges. We're happy for John!

June 2017
John is not only a great artist making pencil drawings, he also enjoys poetry and writes poems. He wanted to share two poems that he has written with all you out there. You can find them under the link 'Notes from John - June 2017'. Enjoy!

March 2017
Please visit the Picture Galery to view pictures of John during the spiritual retreat he made between 9th to 11th February. It was a really amazing experience for him, not only on a spiritual level, but the participants were also able to enjoy food like pizza, Mexican food, and hot dogs.  He appreciated it a lot as it's a rare occasion that he has the chance to eat these! / Voici des photos (Picture Gallery) de John pendant la retraite spirituelle à laquelle il a assisté entre le 9 et le 11 février, ce fut une belle expérience pour lui, et il a pu mangé de la pizza, des plats mexicains, des hots dogs, chose qu'il a grandement apprécié !!!

January 30 2017
Happy Birthday to John!! Today is John's 40th birthday, and another one he is celebrating alone. After more than 2 decades it is time to bring him home so he can celebrate his next one in the free world, and have a true birthday. Please keep John in your thoughts today and celebrate his birthdayday like it is your own!


January 2017
Hello everyone! We got some news from John, he seems to be alright in his new unit. John enjoyed the 3 days transfer a lot, especially when they got stucked in morning traffic in Houston. It allowed him to watch the traffic and get a glimpse again how the free world is going. This is a rare experience for him. Some people were smiling to them and waving. John lets us know that the new unit is okay, apparently it is a recently built unit, so the cells are larger. He even has a window that he can open and close by himself.


January 2017
John has been moved to McConnell unit in Beeville. For JPay users this will be updated automatically, but if you send John a letter or card by mail, please make sure you use his new address so he will receive it. The new address can be found on the home page or contact page.

January 2017
Wishing all suporters out there a Happy New Year, hopefully 2017 will be the year that justice will be done for John. Do not forget that John is celebrating his birthday at the end of this month. Let him know you are thinking of him and send him a colourful birthday card, he would absolutely love that!


December 2016

Merry Christmas to everyone! Wishing you happiness, joy, and the all best the holiday season has to offer. May this season of giving and spending time with loved ones bring you joy that lasts throughout the year! We hope that next Christmas John will be able to spend it with his family and loved ones.

September 2016
John received a few visits over the last few weeks and pictures were taken, we are happy to share them with you all. Visit the Picture Gallery to see the new pics of John and his sister in law's service dog, and another one of John and his dad and grandmother.


July 2016
After careful consideration the website is put back online so we can keep fighting for John's freedom. We need people who are interested in John's case and his fight for justice to be able to read about the case.

April 2016

It's with great sadness that we announce that in John's best interest this site will be closed untill further notice. Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers, it's much needed at this time.



Happy Easter to all of John's family, friends, and supporters! Have a lovely day and try not to eat to much chocolate!


A message from John's Mum, Tania: "To all John's supporters and friends: I wanted to send you all my sincere thanks for your support during the lost of my husband. Your kind words and prayers were much needed and helped me to realize how many really care about us. Thank you for the financial assistance from everyone, I was able to pay for his service completely and I owe nothing now. God bless you all. Tania Gee"


John’s stepfather very unexpectedly passed away last Sunday. This is a very difficult time for the whole family. John would like to thank all the people who are by their, and especially his mom’s, side with prayers and messages of love during this very hard time. They will never forget your support. God bless you all / John voudrait remercier toutes les personnes qui soutiennent sa maman avec tous ces messages d'amour durant cette période difficile. Ils n'oublieront jamais votre soutien. Que Dieu vous bénisse tous.

We are very excited to announce you that Jean Sebastien Desbordes’ documentary, “The Dewberry brothers’ case: on the trail of the secrets” is shortlisted for the International Festival of News Reporting and Documentaries on Society, held from March 30th to April 3rd in Le Touquet-Paris-plage. Jean-Sebastien already received the award past year for his very emotional but so full of hope film about war and massive rape in Republic Democratic of Congo. Let’s hope he can make it again!


John’s typwriter is working again. If you are waiting for a letter, please give him some time to catch up with his mail.



It's John's 39th birthday today! Hopefully he had lots of cards and wishes sent his way so it made his day a little bit special!  Thank you to all who did, your kind wishes and greetings are really important to John to make him feel he has not been forgotten about.



John’s birthday is coming up in exactly 3 weeks! He’ll turn 39 on January 30th. Let’s surprise him with lots of birthday cards, or you can send him a present via online shops like Amazon. Remember that the property he can keep is limited though. Another way of doing something special for John’s birthday is to make a donation. This will be used for his legal support which is very cost intensive. Click here to find out how to donate. Thanks!



Happy New Year to all supporters out there! Thank you for all your support, letters, and prayers for John in 2015 and over the years. Know that he very much appreciates it. Let's hope together that 2016 will be the year of truth, justice and above all freedom.


John wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas en New Year! You can read his full message in the notes section. Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers, the holiday season is never an easy period for John.


A new note from John has been added to the 'Notes from John' section.


Christmas is coming up soon! Let John know he hasn't been forgotten and send him a joyful and colourful Christmas card. He'll very much appreciate it and you'll put a smile on his face!

John wants a message posted: "Hello everyone. Just heard on the news what happened. Praying everyone is safe. Sending my solidarity and love."

John has written a message to all his supporters. You can read it in the 'Notes from John' section on the website, or click here.


New pictures of John last week are added to the picture gallery.


John's property and typwriter arrived from Telford. It will be easier for him now to answer letters, please be patient.

Click below to see the full documentary "The Dewberry brothers' case." English subtitles version.



Please sign and share the online petition to fight this injustice done to John and Chris. Click here to go to the petition.



If you don't live in Europe, click here to see the documentary replay or copy the link below:



Click here. to see a preview of "The Dewberry brothers’ case: on the trail of the secrets". Broadcasted this Sunday on France2.


Sunday October 18, a documentary about John and Chris will be broadcasted in France/Europe. The program is called '13h15 - "The Dewberry brothers’ case: on the trail of the secrets" ' and will be aired at 13u15 on France2.


August 2015
John has been transfered to Ellis unit in the Huntsville area. If you want to write to him, you can find his new mail address on the contact page.


John has been transfered to Telford unit, which is at the state line to Arkansas. Please find his new mail address on the contact page.


See picture gallery - John during visitation

Oktober 2014 - after 6 weeks of isolation



John's story on ECPM website this month (a french website, leader on struggle against death penalty) as 'support committee of the month'. Please SHARE, keep on fighting for John's freedom!

L'histoire de John ce mois ci sur le site ECPM (Ensembe contre la peine de mort) s'il vous plaît partagez !



John has been transfered to Ferguson unit. Please find his new mail address on the contact page.


New pictures: John in February



New pictures: John with his family in October 2012


John had a visit with his mother yesterday, his moral is pretty low these days as his state appeal got denied again. Don't forget to send him a nice card from your holidays and why not some pictures, he would appreciate it a lot!


John was on french TV Sunday night!! The documentation was about prisons in the USA. For those who missed it and are interested in watching a longer version of it, please send us an email and we will share it with you.


John's Re-Birthday is coming up soon (22nd of June). 7 years ago he left death row. Read about his journey and leave John a  note to let him know that he's not forgotten.


The Eastham Unit ran out of water. No running water at all for three days. Maybe you can imagine what that means. It must have been nasty inside. No showers, no running water to drink and no way to flush the toilets either. People started to crap on paper and threw it out of their cells onto the runs. It must have stunk very bad. They were rationing water to drink. One cup each person. Thankfully John bought a few bottles of water in the commassary before the running water ran out, so that he had at least something to drink. If you want to help John to buy water, you can send him a few dollars via www.jpay.com. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.


Remember, when you're writing John via jpay.com, be sure to include your snail mail address. John can't respond via jpay himself, he has to write you a regular letter.


Hello everyone. Today is John 35th birthday, hope he got many cards and birthday wishes from all of you, it is important for John to know that people think to him, especially in that kind of moments when you are supposed to be with your family and friends. --- Good news : Now you can donate online for him if you want to help us, help John, keeping a good defense team. http://www.gofundme.com/dp4mc


John's birthday is coming up: January 30th. Remember to send him a card or a present! It's possible to order something for him via Amazon.com for instance.


Hello all, just a short note to remind you that Christmas is coming and it is always a difficult period of time for John : Christmas without his family, his birthday who his coming (01/30) and also to add one more year lost in prison, especially this year. On january 2012 it is half of his life in prison!! Do not forget to send him a nice and colorful Christmas card, you all know how it is very important for John. As far as John's appeal, his attorney filed, few days ago, arguments that he added to the federal writ trying to get a hearing from the court. Now there is np way to know when he can expect to hear back from the Court.


Hello all, I am just back from Texas where I was doing a documentary about John’s case for French TV (M6 channel- Enquete exclusive). It’s a very good news that I hope will bring attention on him and more supporter.

The subject of the report is American prisons: the episode will contain 3 parts and one is about John’s case, they contacted me to talk about it. We (Rebecca the journalist, his cameran Jean-Luc and I) spent 6 days over there, few in Beaumont; to film the house where John grew up and got arrested, then they filmed Tania and me. On Friday they went to Eastham Unit for a 3 hours interview, I visited John on Saturday and then we conclude by a visit to Gary (John’s attorney), he has been interviewed about John, death penalty…

Gary is working on arguments he can make to supplement the Federal writ. He filed his notice of appearance with the court and he will be filing supplemental arguments next week, trying to get the federal court give him a hearing.

I will post more photos before the end of the week, I have just those two right now. John is doing good, he keeps is head up as he always do, full of hope and very smiling.



To all who are waiting for a letter from John: Please be patient. John’s typewriter broke but he’s trying to fix it as fast as possible and will answer all your letters then. Thank you for your understanding and patience!


We have a German Flyer now. You can find/download it on John’s German Homepage.


Hello there! I went to Dallas this week-end to visit John's new attorneys, they already started working on the case, and will go visit John on the next couple of weeks for sure. They are two working on the case!! They will add some arguments to John's appeal who his pending for 6 years. I also went to Lovelady visiting John, he goes pretty good and can't wait to see his new lawyers and is preparing the meeting. Thanks to all who support him for years: financially and moral support... It means a lot and that's why John is still very combative and still stand up after almost 17 yrs of nightmare, John's is incredibly courageous and amazing. Do not hesitate to send him nice words directly, the address is on the page or you know you can also contact him by jpay.Teams John. Agnes


Hi everyone! Just a short note to say THANK YOU to all John's supporters : we hired a new attorney!!! :-) He will start working on John's case very soon to try to obtain a writ of habeas corpus which is the first step that lead to a new trial (and will probably require to raise fund again...) It is a GREAT news and John feels very happy, RELIEVED, and grateful.


Contact us:


John Dewberry #1306204
McConnell Unit
3001 South Emily Drive
Beeville, TX 78102