Actions you can take




If you want to help John with his campaign to gain his freedom or with his daily basic needs you can :


  • Donate to fund John's legal representation. The federal appeal is pending and a new trial is expected to be ordered soon! Donations will be solely used to help pay for John's legal team (his lawyer, private investigator, legal expenses,...).  You can make donations through Paypal , by clicking on donate below. Online donations are fast, reliable and secure. We encourage you to make donations of any amount.  Thank you for your support!
  • Starting March 1st, 2020, only persons on John's visitation or OTS call lists may deposit funds or make Ecomm transactions. Would you like to send money to John:

            - you can send money through Paypal (SEND MONEY below),

            - contact us at and we will give you wire transfer information.

         As soon as we will receive the money, we will send it to him.   

  • Promote our campaign. Tell your friends on Facebook, share posts,..