Updated 10-17-2019

"All I want is a fair chance, now that I'm not a 17-year old child, 
to prove my innocence and have my life back!"


On  Christmas day 1994, Mr Elmer Rode was found dead in his Beaumont, Texas, home. He was found that afternoon by his sister. He had been shot multiple times. It was without a doubt a terrible crime and a tragic loss. What makes it all worse is that John was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Elmer Rode, while the true killer remain free and have not been charged.

On March 1st, 2005, the United States Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that executing juveniles is unconstitutional. Being John was only 17 years old, a child, at the time he was arrested and railroaded to Death Row, his death sentence was commuted to life. On June 22, 2005 he was moved off Death Row to general population.

But the fight for John´s life is not over yet, death row or general population, from one cage to another, he is still an innocent man whose life was taken from him at the age of only 17.


Watch the documentary

John Dewberry was wrongfully convicted in 1995 for a crime he did not commit. After spending 10 years on death row, he is now in general population and still fighting to get his freedom back.


To see the full documentary about John's case that was broadcasted on the French tv channel France2 in October 2015, please click below.


Want to help?

Former juvenile death row inmate John Dewberry, is now serving life in prison. John is innocent and needs help with donations/lawyer, check his site for more info and how you

can help.


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